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2 months to go!

Tomorrow marks the 2 month countdown until my wedding reception.
I can’t believe it. It has seemed to take FOREVER to get here, now I have to make sure I get everything done on time! I spent an evening with my mom (my favourite florist) designing table centerpieces. Here’s what we’ve come up with.

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Theresa T - I love that shade of pink in your roses. The set-up is very striking-it should look gorgeous!

Jenn Black - Great job! I, too, love that colour but I’m a bit biased becasue my centrepieces were pink roses too! 🙂
So vibrant….beautiful!

Jenn McGregor - OOOOO I love it! They’re gonna look great!!

Alycia Hildebrand - I love those! YOu did a great job with them!!!

Kim Vandermeer - Great job! I am also biased as I had pink roses in my centerpeice! Love it!

Sondra - I love them so much!

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