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A little piece of paradise!

I want to let you in on a little secret…. A little reason why I am absolutely in love with living on the west coast of British Columbia. I’m not going to lie – We live in the Best Place on Earth. Tourism BC sure got it right with this phrase. We can look at the beautiful snow capped mountains while enjoying some west coast salmon we caught with our toes dipped in the pacific ocean.

Ever since meeting my husband I have been lucky enough to visit the epitome of Paradise. We feed the deer apples straight out of our hands, watch the orcas as they swim by, get entertained by the cutest little raccoons as they beg for some food…. The eagles soar around us while we’re drinking mojitos on the front deck listening to the waves crashing on the reef across from us. Have I made you jealous yet? :p

Top it off with the fact that it’s a private island – no cars, no roads, no street lights and no hurry. The moment you step off your boat onto the community dock you’re in a whole other world. It’s so nice to get away 🙂 All of these photos were taken this past weekend at our home away from home. How are we this lucky?!

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Leina Wade - You have no just made me VERY jealous! You are super lucky, those little animals are SO cute!!!

Amber Ferguson - Okay so now i have to ask which island is this?

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