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About Carol-Ann

Hi. Welcome to my site.
I’ve always struggled with a “meet me” section.

What the heck do I say!?

I’m a eeeek – 30 year old photographer living in Richmond, BC.
My love for photography started while in high school.
I would spend my babysitting money on film and developing.
During lunch hours I could be found taking photos for the yearbook
and developing black and white film in the darkroom at school.

My dream from the time I could speak… was to be a teacher.
I went to SFU for 3 years only to decide, “Naahhhh this SOOOOO isn’t for me!”
It wasn’t creative enough. It wasn’t fun enough. And then, the light went off.

I owe it all to my friend’s wedding.
I went with my dad’s camera and took photos just to make them a Slideshow once it was all over.
I had loved photography and had WAYYYY too much fun doing it.
On the spot, I was hired for another wedding – and thus, Carol-Ann Photography was born.

6 years later, and I’m amazed at the response.
I am sooooo thrilled to be photographing special memories for everyone.
From newborns, to weddings, to trash the dress sessions – I LOVE IT ALL!
I’m soooo grateful something I create will be treasured by families forever.

Thank YOU for allowing me to follow this path as my career.
I couldn’t ask for a better job in the world!

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