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Aim for Safety

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.
My husband and I are doing the firearms safety course.
Well, I should have learned NOT to catch my finger in part of the bolt action gun.
A purple finger, twice the size as it should be, and a throbbing fingernail for 2 days… and I’m getting better.

At least I know how to SAFELY handle the gun now 😛

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Picsy Misty - AWH!!!
I hope it wasn’t your photo snappin’ finger!

I miss your images.

P.S. I was playing around and totally plagiarized your ring/shadow/heart idea.

I’ll post ’em tomorrow (giving you all the credit, of course!)

Carol-Ann - It totally was my photo snapping finger too 🙁
I wasn’t able to do much

I’ll get right back at it though 😀
The omni-bounce for my external flash FINALLY came – woohoo!

Jenn McGregor - oh no! I hope it’s feeling better now!

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