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Brooke & Andrew – Meadow Gardens, Pitt Meadows Wedding

When I first met Brooke and Andrew I thought “Oh my gosh, are they not the cutest couple ever?!?!”  So totally in love – like the butterflies in your tummy, fresh love.  I was absolutely amazed to find out they have been together for 8 years!  They have that spark that makes you go “awwww” when you see them.  Aside from being adorable, they are so much fun to be around.  Constant laughing, giggling, and joking around – I knew their wedding was going to be a blast after we shot their Christmas Themed Engagement Session back in December.

With a wedding in April, you HAVE to have a backup rain plan.  In Vancouver the weather can be iffy at the best of times (like all the poor June brides that got rained out last year!)  As the days crept closer and closer, I couldn’t believe the forecast.  How could a couple be so lucky?!?!?! I drove past one of those time clocks that say the temperature when you’re sitting waiting in traffic yesterday – 18°C.  Unreal!  Brooke & Andrew, you guys won the weather lottery!!!!  I hope you are continued to be blessed with many happy sunshiney days ahead <3

Photographer: Carol-Ann Photography
Venue: Meadow Gardens
Hair: Andrea: Hair Transformers
Makeup: Alena- MAC
Florist: Verde Flowers 
Decorator: Wedding Design Studio
DJ: Rod Wingrove


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Christine Taylor - Stunning photos of one of my son’s friends. Love the colours and everything else, what a wonderful day may they continue to have the same all their married life.

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