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Happy Birthday Paisley!

We have loved this little PooDog since the minute she entered our family, just before Christmas 2008. I always joke and say we’ve won the “doggy lottery” because she is SOOOOOOO good. But we really have. She is the best dog in the world. I really do feel so honored to have her as my Poo Dog 🙂

So, to celebrate her 2nd birthday we did a little bit of a Cake Smash. I made her doggy friendly cake ( recipe can be found here) and I iced it with some very thick yogurt. (She LOOOOOOOVES yogurt!) The cake was a hit. Which wasn’t a surprise – labs ARE Stomachs with legs after all 😉

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Taryn - Go Paisley, Go!!

Good girl!

Love the cake smash CA!

Melissa Knowles - Haha, I LOVE it Carol-Ann! Wicked pictures! Paisely is ADORABLE!

Steph - Fantastic! Looks like it was a hit! Happy birthday P!

Michelle Collis - Awesome photos!!! I absolutely love the last pic! Hilarious!

Natalie - Oh wow, the cake smash with Paisley was a hit!! Your dog is lucky to have you. I love the pictures and how in one instant there is a ton of yogurt and the next it is licked clean away. The dog bones are so cute. Did she eat the entire cake? You’ve inspired me, maybe I’ll do this for Hailey’s 10th birthday.

Tammy - Awesome pics!!! Looks like she loved the cake!!! Happy Birthday Paisley!!!

Janet - Loved enjoying your photos of Paisleys 2nd birthday! She looked a bit tentative in the first couple of pictures but then dug right in. So funny!!!
We had to put down our 17 yr old black lab in Sept. My heart still hurts when I think of Jacob. Long live Paisley.

Regards, Janet

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