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Helping Hearts Auction!

What’s your biggest concern tomorrow? Trying to make it to Starbucks before it gets busy? Getting the perfect parking spot at the mall? For too many people it’s “i wonder if my little boy is going to live to see his graduation” or “I’m sorry but your baby has cancer”. Your coffee and parking stall don’t seem that important anymore, do they?

I am so happy to be a part of a special group of photographers called Helping Hearts.
Helping Hearts is an amazing foundation that provides free photography sessions for families with children who are living with a life-altering illness or disability. It takes a lot of behind the scene work to make an amazing group like this function. Until 8pm pacific time tomorrow, there is an amazing fundraiser going on at the Helping Hearts facebook page. Many items have been donated to raise money, including a Mini-Session from me! It includes:
a 30 minute session Monday-Thursday either in studio or outdoors. 20 high resolution images on disk printable for personal use, and an online gallery. Must be used by May 2012. If the biding passes $200 i will include a 16×20 canvas gallery wrap FREE! (anther $200 value!)

STARTING BID – $80.00 increments of $10.00

How do you bid? Click HERE!

This is your chance to help families in need while getting your session courtesy of Carol-Ann Photography. New clients, old clients, everybody is welcome to bid!
Thank you so so so so much for your support everyone!!! I can’t wait to see who wins!

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