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Matthew and Sandi’s Steveston Engagement Session

There’s nothing more exciting than family getting married – and I am SO THRILLED that my little cousin Matthew has proposed to his wonderful fiance Sandi!  The last family wedding was 5 years ago, and we were getting pretty antsy 😉  Matt and Sandi are beyond adorable – Matthew is the quiet one, Sandi is the energetic one – they balance each other out perfectly.  I”m so excited for all the amazing things the future holds for you guys!!! <3

(and Matt, be glad my mom is busy right now, because i was trying to have her look for a photo of me holding you when you were a newborn 😉 )


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Sabrina - wow great pictures 🙂 sandis said you were great ….. sandi & matt I look forward to the wedding day and the pictures to come all the best Sabrina Isabella and Adam:)

Sarah - Congrats! Love the photos.. I can feel the love 😉 .. I am so happy for you guys. Take care of each other 🙂 love you guys …

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