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Meet my newest clients…..

Wedding Date: Sometime in 2035.
Dress rehearsal: As Ringboy and Flowergirl at my Reception on May 3rd 2008 🙂


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Jenn Black - O.M.G. – PRICELESS!
They are the sweetest little things. I love love love her expressions!! lol

Kim Vandermeer - WOW!!!! They are gorgeous!! She will thank you when she is older I’m sure! I love the B&W!

Picsy Misty - oh my gosh.

These pictures are bursting my heart

Callista - Hahaaa I love the 3rd picture, totally looks like he’s checking her out lol! Starting young 😉

Alycia Hildebrand - AHHH!!! Those are soooo cute!!! Priceless!

Shauna G - Those are so cute!! I love them all. 🙂

Lorelei - Absolutely ADORABLE!!!

JessieB - OMG! That is sooo adorable.

Sondra - hahahaha, adorable!

Diane Zutz - These bring a tear to my eye! You just can’t get much sweeter than that! priceless!!

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