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Miss K – Vancouver Boudoir Photography

The boudoir albums are arriving and I can’t even hold in my excitement – THEY LOOK FAN-FREEKIN’-TASTIC!!!!!!!! And i am so so so soooo excited to start showing of some of the boudoir beauties that came and took part in the 2011 Fall Boudoir Marathon by Carol-Ann Photography. Now, these ones are the tame, web friendly photos…. the extra sexy shots have been saved for the eyes of the lucky gentlemen of these ladies choosing 😉

My first session of the day was with the gorgeous Miss K. I’ve known K for quite some time (she hung out with my hubby even before i knew him!) She has worked so hard the last year, and I was so excited to capture these images. I am so so so so proud of you!!!! It’s so funny, it’s always the girls that are BEYOND nervous when arriving that get right on into it. (and K was probably the most nervous of the bunch!!) Nothing a little wine and friends couldn’t fix! 🙂

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Carrie - OMFG is she ever beautiful!……are you sure she is taken? And you Carol-Ann are the worlds most amazing photographer.

Leina Wade - She is stunning!!! I love how bright the images are 🙂

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