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Engagment Pics

A very quick sneak peek of some engagement pictures today!

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Sondra - I loooove the second one. The symmetry and the reflection, it’s gorgeous.

Cocktail anyone?

We spend a nice relaxing evening out with a few of our friends celebrating a birthday. It was nice to get together and kick back with a few martini’s!

A few of the girls in the “picture of the day” group were talking about storms.. so I was inclined to add a picture of a lightning storm we got while on our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta. Our hotel even got hit by lightning!

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Jenn Black - what a cool shot of the olives!!

i absolutely love the lightening shot!!!

Sondra - Woah that lightning shot is insane! I’d be thinking of who/what was on the receiving end of it.

Lorelei - Love the shot of the olives. Great perspective.

And that shot of the lightening is AMAZING! What a great capture!

Shauna G - Love the lightening shot!!

3 Cheers for Washable Markers!

Even though it wasn’t raining, today was an inside day for us wimps. Which meant lots of busy little fingers getting into EVERYTHING! 🙂

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Lorelei - I love both pictures!! I really like the angle on the first picture with the washable markers. It’s just great!