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Sheena & Tyler’s Steveston Engagement Session

I get so so so excited when I have the opportunity to photograph special moments for great friends. I’ve known Tyler for almost as long as I’ve known my husband – we met back in the summer of 2003 when my husband started vounteering with the Coast Guard. Soon after I made the move to Richmond, and the three of us moved into a house in Steveston. Many a good times were had (epic Thursday night parties, and the infamous Pilsner beer can tree to name a few! 😉 ) We had gained a great friend! A few years later my husband and I had bought our first house and moved away. I felt like I was leaving behind my little brother! (haha even though Tyler was the oldest!) I still remember the very first time he brought Sheena over; we were all headed to the Brad Paisley concert and she was an absolute sweetheart. Being able to get to know her has been fun and hilarious. You can’t help but smile and laugh and enjoy their company. If there were ever 2 people made for each other, it’s Tyler and Sheena. They compliment each other PERFECTLY. I’m So very excited for you guys, and I can’t WAIT to be a part of your big day this November!

Because Steveston is such a big part of their lives, it made perfect sense to do their engagement photos there. We headed down to the marina where Tyler keeps his sailboat, over to Brittania, and ended off the session at Gary Point Park with a WICKED sunset. We tried to capture that nice warm light for the photos, because the November weather can be a little iffy. I’m still holding out for a gorgeous fall day though 😉

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