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Solomn Vow

I kept scratching my head, trying to think outside of the box for the topic “Relationships”. I knew I wanted to use our wedding bands in the picture, as it is the symbol of marriage. Eventually I came up with including our own vows in the ‘book’ to really make it personal. These were the words we spoke on our wedding day, and they mean sooooooo much to me. I think this one’s a keeper 🙂

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Jenn McGregor - I love this shot! You did such a great job on it! IT’s personalized, the ring shadow forms a heart, the lighting is awesome! Great shot Carol-Ann!!

Kim Vandermeer - I love the heart shadow!

Jenn Black - The shadow really caught my eye as well! Beautiful photo; I understand why you love it so much!

Theresa T - This is such a beautiful and unique photo. I just love it!

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