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Spring Has Sprung…

and so have my allergies

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Alycia Hildebrand - For some reason I can’t see any of your pictures :`(

Jenn Black - They’re fantastic!! I just love the last one; it has a magical feel!! I cannot believe dandelions have sprung up there while we were in the middle of a 50-cm walloping of snow!!!!

Jenn McGregor - I love the crocus shot!! 🙂 Isn’t it great when spring comes?

Kim Vandermeer - I never thought I would be happy to see a dandilion(sp?)!! Great shots! The crocus is so beautiful!

Theresa T - Love the perspective on the last one. The red buds popping out on the bare stems looks great.

Katherine - It’s so nice to see some photos of spring, like Jenn I am buried under all this snow.

Sondra - The purple flower picture is stunning!!!

Picsy Misty - These are so beautiful!!!

It’s almost hard to imagine a place with flowers from here in the deep deep snow. I miss flowers.

That gorgeous dandelion shot would make a great entry for this week’s theme!

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