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The Liva Family – Maple Ridge Family Portraits

Yesterday I met up with the Liva family for this year’s family portrait. I was lucky enough to meet Madalyn a year and a half ago for her 7 month portraits. It was so funny – her Mom was saying how she was so straight faced and wouldn’t smile that day… well it took a little convincing but we managed to get a few smiles from her yesterday 🙂 Mom Tawnya used to live down the road from me for a few years while growing up (we cauculated how long ago it was and I don’t even want to write the number. It makes me feel far too old :p )  Looking at Madalyn reminds me of EXACTLY how Tawyna used to look growing up.  And looking at little Connor the newest addition to the family – all I can see is DAD! He is soooooooo Ben it’s unreal. And this little guy is all that is BOY. He loved being in the grass, and eating leaves!


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