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The Thomas Family’s Steveston Family Session!

Today was double the trouble! My Second photoshoot was for the Thomas family – with their beautiful little 2 year olds D & K. This session had me running around, jumping up, laying on the ground, rolling in the leaves, and running for munchkins heading towards water fountains. I don’t know how Mom keeps up with these two – phew. And Adventurous?!?! MY GOODNESS these two munchkins would jump off anything – even if it was 4 feet high! (I think I had a heart attack or two just watching them!)  With 2 rambunctious toddlers, we opted for a more candid variety of photography 😉 I think it captured them perfectly!

Who is this lady and why does she want to take photos of me?



Now, there’s a funny story with the next few… Last time D & K were at the park, D saw chickens. So that’s all he could talk about today. (And by talk i REALLY DO mean TALK. These kids were the most talkative 2 year olds I have EVER MET. Their language skills blew me away! Full sentences?! WOW! These youngin’s will be doctors or laywers when they grow up!)
Anywho – back to the Chickens. D was all about the chickens.  In the next photo they were looking in the building to see if the chickens were inside 🙂

Nope, no chickens.



I told K that the chickens were hiding in my camera… Here they he is taking a closer look trying to find those pesky chickens 🙂

These two deserve the Parents of the Year Award! I don’t know how they keep up with these munchkins!


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